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Welcome to belgianstreets!

I moved to live and work in Belgium in September, 2013.

Before that, I had lived and worked in Belgrade, Serbia for almost three years as a consultant employed by the BBC to lead a project funded by the European Union to help the Serbian government plan and prepare for the transition to digital television.

And before that, I lived and worked in Australia, where I worked for the Government and was the leader of the organisation set up to manage Australia’s transition to digital television.

I was born in the north of England, educated in London and worked for the BBC in London before leaving the UK.

I have had a lifelong passion for photography and am a frustrated writer!

Whilst living in Belgrade, I created a blog called belgradestreets to show my new home to friends and family in the UK and Australia.

After a difficult first few months, the wonderful city, and people, of Belgrade captured my heart and my soul.

That blog resulted in a book of my photographs, which is on sale in bookshops across Serbia, and online from Amazon, through my Belgrade publisher Komshe and Belgrade bookstore Delfi, a short documentary made by the national TV broadcaster of Serbia and an exhibition in O3ONE a very cool gallery in the heart of Belgrade.

belgradestreets now has over 2,500 followers and visitors from well over 100 countries.

And none of that planned or anticipated, not even in my wildest dreams! It actually resulted from a chance conversation over a coffee who had a friend of a friend who…

I am talking with the Serbian Embassy here in Brussel about a presentation of my book and photographs of Belgrade.

When I arrived in Brussel, I decided that I would try to capture my feelings about this city and country in a similar way, and so…

29 thoughts on “about andy

  1. One fine day you happen to be on a DC streets, and we bump into each other, let’s have coffee. And do mention about that ‘friend of a friend who…’ 😀

    Inspiring photos, make me want to go out and snap street photos

  2. Good morning!!!
    I am so glad you wrote something on my blog!!! That way I have done a great discovery…
    Love your work!!! I knew you had to be a pro, because of the way you catched the moments and angles…
    I will stay around!!!
    BTW: love the theme you are using as well…It is the first time I see it…It is clean and effective..
    BTW2: keep writing…
    BTW3: I agree about your Belgium´s opinion…Much hidden under the surface…

    • Thank you so much for your very kind comments! Sadly although I wish I was a ‘pro’ but I have a day job that pays the bills – although the publisher of my book in Belgrade keeps telling me that if people are paying to see my pix in print then that makes me a pro – my problem is I still can’t believe that happened!! anyway, i love photography and will never stop…and thank you for your three BTWs, I in turn will enjoy following your blog!

  3. Hello there – I don’t know if you participate in this type of thing, but I have nominated you for the “Very Inspiring Blogger Award”! I’m not spamming your comments – I just love your photography and the little details about life you provide along with them – they show you have real heart and sensitivity to places and people! Your photos inspire me to continue with photographing my home town in different ways and pay attention to the little details that make places unique 🙂
    Here’s a link to my post which has all the instructions about participating at the end of the post: https://heleneparish.wordpress.com/2014/12/18/road-to-happiness/

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