roy g. biv

“where does the rainbow end, in your soul or on the horizon?” ― pablo neruda, the book of questions



an unexpected slice of indigenous australia on the canal side in brugge, belgië

(for wordpress weekly photo challenge – roy g. biv) *shot with nikon d700 with nikkor 85mm f/1.8 lens at ISO200, f/10 and 1/400s, slightly cropped in lightroom cc, no additional edits, tie me kangaroo down, mate?*

(also for lucile’s photo 101 rehab )

roygbiv from andytownend

roygbiv on belgradestreets


on the way

“i’ve been everywhere, man”
lyrics from the australian cover by lucky starr


(camper van in brugge)

“Tullamore, Seymour, Lismore, Mooloolaba,
Nambour, Maroochydore, Kilmore, Murwillumbah,
Birdsville, Emmaville, Wallaville, Cunnamulla,
Condamine, Strathpine, Proserpine, Ulladulla,
Darwin, Gin Gin, Deniliquin, Muckadilla,
Wallumbilla, Boggabilla, Kumbarilla…”

…and brugge

(for wordpress weekly photo challenge – on the way)
(and for lucile’s photo 101 rehab)

*shot with nikon d700 and nikkor 70-300mm f/4.0-5.6 lens at 70mm, ISO200, 1/200s, f/7.1, edited in lightroom cc and photoshop cc, colour range selected to highlight red, inverted and converted to black and white, i’m on my way, man*

on the way with andytownend

on the  way on belgradestreets


jack and coke

“get a little bit of bourbon in ya
get a little bit suburban and go crazy”
– lana del rey, cruel world

2015_04_12_00727 copy

bottle shop, brugge

(for justine’s tea time #10 and for lucile’s photo101rehab)

*shot with nikon d700, nikkor 85mm f/1.8 lens at  f/5 and  1/100s, edited in lightroom cc and color ex pro 4, bleach bypass filter applied, put your little red party dress on*



“a sudden blow: the great wings beating still”

leda and the swan, w b yeats


canal trip, brugge

(for wordpress weekly photo challenge – motion)

*shot with nikon d700, nikkor 70-300mm f/4.0-5.6 lens at 190mm, 1/400s at f/10, edited in lightroom cc and analog efex pro 2, wet filter applied, wet wings also featured*


shooting people (serving)

“you are what you do, not what you say you’ll do”

― c.g. jung




i wanted

what i want

it was



(kerstmarkt, beurs, brussel)


*shot with nikon d700, edited with aperture 3, silver efex pro 2, full contrast and structure filter, didn’t touch a drop, ok a glass?*



“…always walking together, hand in hand, in a strangely beautiful world…”

– Khalil Gibran

<untitled_2014_01_2014_03_238 of 53430_0591

Converging people achieve remarkable things.

Walls fall.

People connect.

Lives change.

These last few weeks I have been lucky enough to converge with some wonderful people here during WordPress Photo 101.

I’ve learned a lot, laughed a lot. Yes, even cried a little.

So, for this week’s WordPress Weekly Challenge, I’d like to introduce some new friends.

See Eastern Europe through the eyes of a self confessed negativist existentialist (who actually is anything but negative) with a thing about cats and railways and who almost convinced us that converge was a swear word Mara Eastern’s Personal Blog – a life in pictures and words

Take a look at the Netherlands, and Brazil, with my almost neighbour lucile de godoy – bridging lacunas

Explore Justine’s eclectic world, into which I insisted on introducing aliens, at Eclectic odds n sods – Parenting, Pet Tales, Humour & Photography

And meet Mitch with whom I discussed Thunderbirds, atomic powered jets and drew comparisons with Ansel Adams at Exploratorius – Photo Hack & Curious Wanderer

And yes, selecting which few to show here was a very very tough choice, there were so many sharing their photos, their words, their time.

I raise a glass and a smile to everyone with whom I have converged these last weeks and say a big thank you for the words, smiles and friendship we have shared.

And a huge thank you to the team at WordPress who made it all happen.

I hope we will all converge again soon.

To live, laugh, cry and love a little.

(Berlin Wall, Mini-Europe, Brussel)


photography101: treasure

transitory treasure

transitory treasure

Treasure is transitory, illusory.

One person’s treasure is another person’s junk.

What was once treasured now gathers dust on the shelf, in the attic, basement, on the table at the flea market.

The real treasure is what we hold inside us.

The feelings we have, for people, places, times.

The memories and hopes that can never turn to dust.


(Canal side flea market, Brugge)

NaBloPoMo 24 of 30 – photography101:16