“…always walking together, hand in hand, in a strangely beautiful world…”

– Khalil Gibran

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Converging people achieve remarkable things.

Walls fall.

People connect.

Lives change.

These last few weeks I have been lucky enough to converge with some wonderful people here during WordPress Photo 101.

I’ve learned a lot, laughed a lot. Yes, even cried a little.

So, for this week’s WordPress Weekly Challenge, I’d like to introduce some new friends.

See Eastern Europe through the eyes of a self confessed negativist existentialist (who actually is anything but negative) with a thing about cats and railways and who almost convinced us that converge was a swear word Mara Eastern’s Personal Blog – a life in pictures and words

Take a look at the Netherlands, and Brazil, with my almost neighbour lucile de godoy – bridging lacunas

Explore Justine’s eclectic world, into which I insisted on introducing aliens, at Eclectic odds n sods – Parenting, Pet Tales, Humour & Photography

And meet Mitch with whom I discussed Thunderbirds, atomic powered jets and drew comparisons with Ansel Adams at Exploratorius – Photo Hack & Curious Wanderer

And yes, selecting which few to show here was a very very tough choice, there were so many sharing their photos, their words, their time.

I raise a glass and a smile to everyone with whom I have converged these last weeks and say a big thank you for the words, smiles and friendship we have shared.

And a huge thank you to the team at WordPress who made it all happen.

I hope we will all converge again soon.

To live, laugh, cry and love a little.

(Berlin Wall, Mini-Europe, Brussel)

31 thoughts on “converge

  1. Please don’t make me cry again. First the photo — I’m a sucker for these miniature people of yours — and then your post… Converge it, I’m off to curl up in the corner and cry. I will never get any work done today. Thank you for the beautiful post and your kind words all the same.

  2. Awe I am humbled and deeply touched thank you. A emotive photo as always and a great tribute to an adventure we have all had together of all sorts and not the end but the beginning of another chapter 🙂 no more crying today for me……

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