photography101: triumph

“They will not control us,
We will be victorious”

– Muse, Uprising

triumph inside

triumph inside


They lock me in.

They are the men with bulldozers and hammers.

They are my memories.

Of words said. Words unsaid. Words never acted on. Doors left unopened.

I can recognise, accept.

I can survive.

If I choose.

(Hooghuis, Doel)

NaBloPoMo 28 of 30 – photography101:20

65 thoughts on “photography101: triumph

  1. I am in awe !! (kind of hanging jaw) Your pictures are your soul. We are all here to express and share and learn from the process.
    I will miss photo101. I have made some beautiful friends for life and very talented bloggers.
    Cheers ! Andy 🙂
    Its friday…….go out and grab a drink !! Unwind !!
    We all sail practically in the same boat full of powerful memories. I will say, I live and let Life go and hang itself ! 🙂

  2. Great, now I’m crying along with all of you. To the accompaniment of the very haunting “Uprising” by Muse. Thank you for discovering them for me. I’d wish you a happy Friday but that would sound odd now.

  3. Uprising by Muse is one of my favourite running songs and a brilliant combination with your photo. Your words and photo are a simple but powerful combination. Let the spirit triumph!

  4. Interesting and beautiful take on this theme. I volunteer at two prisons every week and this razor wire is ever present to remind both me and the inmates exactly where we are–in case we don’t know. No photos allowed so to be able to see this and study it…whew. Excellent, Andy. But makes me cry for an entirely different reason.

    • Thank you, that is quite a story, it must be hard to volunteer in that way and then leave and go back home…razor wire is a pretty confrontational reminder that we live in a fragile world…

  5. I know I joke around most of the time and I don’t know how I missed this post either but I want to thank you for this for many reasons. First I had forgotten this song and not ‘Heard’ it properly.

    It’s a triumphant song against diversity for me and not against external forces but internal the fight against depression the fight against the onslaught of pain that tries to kill ones spirit because we won’t let them win! Please don’t ever censor yourself or hide because every moment of your life and experiences shapes you to be who you are like a finely crafted jewel with many facets to shine brilliantly to be looked upon with joy as you give us the beauty of your soul xx

    • Oh *converge*! Now I’m *converging* crying again!

      You know exactly why I chose that track and what my words were intended to convey…

      And this just supposed to be a photo course.


      Thank you, Justine x

      • Photos are invocative as are all the senses and yours are highly adapted because through all the struggles always comes something beautiful and that is your talent and strength of which you share and that gives some others like me to be brave to share something back and open up x

        • Well actually reading your “other” site gave me some courage to be more open. I have not been so open “online” before. You and others have shown me how to do that and it is a good thing. And now your comments have reduced me to tears again… In a good way…

          • But you know it took me a huge amount of debate to have that site and i try to ignore it and tuck it away i tend to write on it when i have no other choice but yoive shown me i shoukd take more care of it and as such myself so thank you x

            • Thank you although actually reading it has helped me a lot – the things I “struggle” with are a mix of similar and other issues…we tend to bury things (I do anyway) and facing ourselves, who we are and why we behave in certain ways, is important, I never imagined I would end up writing here about this….

            • Sometimes burying for a while is the only way its survival for a bit to get through but i think one day some how in some way we have to dig it up and perhaps grieve, mourn, hug and move on. Its not easy sometimes feels impossible. I havnt managed it with some things and it can surprise one how deeply things are buried until one almost forgets rhey exist, almost then a switch is flicked and rhe avalanche starts. Its remembering you arent alone and grasping the reigns and going for one hell of a ride if one has to 🙂

            • It is easy to believe the monsters inside and feel alone, even when there are people around you, and then somehow you meet or talk to someone and it feels easier. The hardest part is when you look in the mirror, accepting who you are, what you have done, what has been done or happened to you, the consequences..and then facing and moving through it all….as you say a hell of a ride….

            • We should all listen to each orher. Wow whar a morning. I just listened to that song and ir gets me in floods, crickey and now i am exhausted. A moment of bonding with you andy for which i am grareful, that moment ser in stone for eternity only to be weathered by age xx

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