photography101: weekend 4

“Learn what is to be taken seriously and laugh at the rest.”

― Hermann Hesse


This collage seemed a good idea when I decided to do it – note theme was to “get out and explore…”

It was light at some point today, now it is dark and the day has slipped by, no exploring has been done.

Although some, and you know who you are, have kept me up to date with life in the world outside including tales of savage deer, flowers served for dinner and unsatisfying pizza for lunch.

Lessons from #photo101?

1. It’s good to talk, even better to listen
2. It’s ok to cry a bit
3. I have discovered a new found fondness for alien fiction – sorry Justine
4. I know more about what people in the Netherlands do
5. I would like to follow a path through a Czech field, even though Mara tells me it only leads to another field
6. I want an atomic powered plane
7. I have become addicted to #photo101 and to talking about it with some of you at all hours
8. I think I learned some things about photography, like don’t set out to make a collage of 100 photos in photoshop lightly
9. I have always liked railways, now even more
10. …and a few other things

And most of all, the very best, has been meeting so many of you and making some new friendships that I hope will endure.

So…thank you to the WordPress crew, and to all of you!

This is not the end, just a new chapter.

NaBloPoMo 29 of 30 –
photography101: weekend 4

21 thoughts on “photography101: weekend 4

  1. Wow I’m gobsmacked!!!!100 photo collage??? Are you mad!!! Haha lol oh my wow that is fantastic a feat and fabulous all rolled in to one. So I need to go to my computer and look at this as the phone does not do it justice!!! X

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