seven days later

“anxiety is the dizziness of freedom”
― søren kierkegaard

This is, I hope, my final post in my Brussels Lockdown series.

An uneasy peace has returned to the streets this weekend. In comparison with last week, the streets were busier, but not as one might expect at this time of the year.

A notable exception being the long long queues outside Primark which I recall from last year. Is it possible that some people have been living here on the street, camping out all year, in the hope of that one bargain in the sale?

In contrast, many of the other shops were quieter than usual, some of the entrances to the City2 shopping centre were closed off, and taped up, to allow the guards to more diligently screen those wishing to shop within.

Or perhaps, as in this case, to practice their dance moves?

Soldiers patrolled the mall, and the approaches to, and platforms of, the metro.

Scanners, such as those used at the airport were deployed. Liquids were not banned and their appeared to be no Fastrack for frequent flyers or those with other reasons to feel privileged, no, here, today, we were all alike. In fact, we were (treated) like cattle.

The soldiers seemed more relaxed this week. Except when I pointed my Nikon in their direction, when some, fearing exposure, would pull their scarves up over their face and turn away. But unlike the other day, not once was I challenged and asked to delete anything. I had a minor scare when taking my camera out of my bag, and taking off the lens cap, made a loud metallic noise, not unlike a weapon being primed (I imagined, I wouldn’t know), which made people look around in fear. Thankfully the soldiers knew better. Their training helping their undoubted anxiety.

I walked down the escalator to the Metro, a young heavily armed soldier by my side, I smiled, he smiled back. We looked away. What is there to say?

And so, the peace filters back on to the streets.

And I am left wondering.


a day of terror?

‘everyone’s worried about stopping terrorism
well, there’s really an easy way: stop participating in it’
― noam chomsky




(see also )

(submitted to lucile’s photo101rehab)
*shot with nikon d700 and nikkor 50mm f/1.4 lens and edited in lightroom cc*


shooting people (queueing)

“we never live
we are always in the expectation of living”

― voltaire



do they need


do they know

that queueing

is not


(queue outside primark, rue neuve, brüssel)

*shot with nikon d700, edited with aperture 3 and silver efex pro 2, sense of humour required*


a little diversion

One of the challenges faced by anyone in arriving in a new country is getting to grips with the local customs, the language.

In Belgium, that challenge magnified as there are two languages to learn, Français and Nederlands.

Nederlands is then spiced up a bit with various regional differences and some carefully inserted words designed to make sure it stands out from the language spoken by the inhabitants of that country to the North.

Despite my weekly lessons, I am essentially clueless.

However, I have benefited from a very clever public awareness scheme seemingly designed to help those new to the country get to grips with the most important words.

A scheme operated by governments at every level across the region.

Those words?

– omleiden

– omlegging

– onderbroken

But the really clever part is that the bright orange awareness raising posters signs, that are used to reinforce these crucial words, also guide the visitor to new and undiscovered places, some never to be visited again.

It really is a very clever initiative.



_20141123_001048 - Version 2

_20141123_001046 - Version 2

A little diversion from the rigour of #photo101


photography101: weekend three three

Sometimes things just happen.

This is a very rough and ready clip.

These people appeared in the street and came straight at me.

So I lifted my camera and just fired away as they walked around me.

I just had to share!



photography101: weekend three

“There’s a red house over yonder,
That’s where my baby stays…”

– Jimi Hendrix

My homework for the weekend #photo101.

Monochromium Atomium.

With a dash of red.

(Atomium Brussel)

NaBloPoMo 22 of 30 – photography101:weekendthree



atownend_20141108_006155 - Version 2

This trip was supposed to be to the top of Parking 58 which offers the best views across the rooftops of Brussel.

A locked gate bent me out of shape – angular

So, I grabbed this shot, and wondered if I would ever use it.

And, now, I have.

My contribution to this week’s Weekly Photo Challenge from The Daily Post at WordPress.

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