22 thoughts on “centraal

  1. Wow, great the see the fruits of your shooting session! I was on one yesterday and only got a dozen pictures or so because there’s simply nothing left for me to shoot in the village. Boo. On a happier note, your photos are fascinating: the woman in the first one looks like the man just exposed himself to her 😉 I like most the view through the railing to a lower-level street, possibly an underground entry, and the one with two woman in headscarves. Which doesn’t mean that I hate the others.

    • Thank you…I was taking the photos with the camera low down so I couldn’t see what I was shooting, I was experimenting with street photography, this couple were intriguing (and v nearly realised what i was doing…)…I am v happy you like them, and on the way back home I took some of roadworks including some sweeping curves on a tram line that was being replaced, may appeal to your love of public transport….x

      • Tram lines! Awe, I love trams! I don’t particularly like trains and buses, but I love trams and the underground. I know, I’m weird. I was thinking that you were probably shooting from the hip, I do it all the time with street shots… Great job here, looking forward to more to come hopefully another time!

        • Not weird at all or if you are then join the club 😉 In Beograd I was obsessed with the trams and with the only underground station there which was a left over from a magnificent but unfulfilled ambition…and yes I was playing with shooting from the hip and very nearly got spotted doing so by the couple in the first photo…more to come soon including those tram lines….

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