shooting people (queueing)

“we never live
we are always in the expectation of living”

― voltaire



do they need


do they know

that queueing

is not


(queue outside primark, rue neuve, brüssel)

*shot with nikon d700, edited with aperture 3 and silver efex pro 2, sense of humour required*

16 thoughts on “shooting people (queueing)

  1. Queuing is not living? I have to agree. We could be someplace else doing something else. Unless, if you let your imagination run wild while waiting, that’s a different story…

  2. You always know how to choose the right quote for your pictures. This is wonderful because I also saw this queuing scene in front of Primark last week and asked myself the same question. I was even standing there with a camera hanging round my neck, without being able to come up with the idea of taking any picture of this historical moment. So thank you for the good job!

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