a little diversion

One of the challenges faced by anyone in arriving in a new country is getting to grips with the local customs, the language.

In Belgium, that challenge magnified as there are two languages to learn, Français and Nederlands.

Nederlands is then spiced up a bit with various regional differences and some carefully inserted words designed to make sure it stands out from the language spoken by the inhabitants of that country to the North.

Despite my weekly lessons, I am essentially clueless.

However, I have benefited from a very clever public awareness scheme seemingly designed to help those new to the country get to grips with the most important words.

A scheme operated by governments at every level across the region.

Those words?

– omleiden

– omlegging

– onderbroken

But the really clever part is that the bright orange awareness raising posters signs, that are used to reinforce these crucial words, also guide the visitor to new and undiscovered places, some never to be visited again.

It really is a very clever initiative.



_20141123_001048 - Version 2

_20141123_001046 - Version 2

A little diversion from the rigour of #photo101

18 thoughts on “a little diversion

  1. I love the way language learning is facilitated in Brussels! But pray you, what do those three words mean?? Brussels is such a neat city, judging from your photos, even the street work looks tidy, no unnecessary mess…

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