photography101: weekend one

After a week, of “playing safe” and submitting shots from my archive to meet the daily themes, I decided it was time I “got with the program” and took some shots in direct response to the theme, this time the weekend “homework”.

So, armed with my wide angle lens, I took these shots from the balcony of my apartment in the heart of Brussel.

My goal? To experiment with composition and framing, vertical and horizontal, and to try to break free from my usual reluctance to “go wide”.

I plan to experiment more this weekend…

Would love to hear what you think?

In response to some of the feedack I received, I thought I would share the original colour images…

photography101:weekend one

21 thoughts on “photography101: weekend one

  1. I like that you chose monochrome. It makes the concrete seem especially cold, and the pictures foreboding. I think it would be interesting to see the identical gallery in color to determine how it effects the emotion.

  2. Love that you used black and white to showcase your work….the clouds are amazing. Using them as your background was the right thing to do :0)in this case I think the horizontal worked better. Only because I can see more of what you are looking at. Great shots…keep it up!

    • Thank you, the clouds are often amazing here, especially when a storm is brewing, and I agree with you about the horizontal, although it was an interesting and fun experiment, Andy

  3. Your balcony? Awe… Are you taking in roommates? I’d love to have this view! And your photos, of course, are stunning. I was using photos from my archives throughout the week too and was looking forward to shoot something at the weekend, but it won’t stop raining and my camera is not waterproof. So, well, next time…

    • Thanks Mara 🙂 yes, I am lucky to have such good views… looking forward to your next shots…rainy shot can often be beautiful although expensive if your camera is not waterproof 😦 ,Andy

  4. I hear you about the wide shots. I really like tight, close ups. My fav is the last one because the railing is a strong border. In the first photo, I couldn’t figure out what the railing was at first. Then it cut through what I feel is the meat of the background. While the sky is nice, my preference would be to use the railing as the bottom border with the sky as the focus, perhaps cropping more off the bottom or using a different angle. I think the b&w is great. Do you have them in color, too? I’d love to see both sets together! That can be fun. 🙂

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