wrinkle eclectic (uncovered)

“there is no exquisite beauty, without some strangeness in the proportion.”

― edgar allan poe

wrinkle eclectic

wrinkle eclectic

Photo 101 on WordPress had consequences.

One, there were others, was being invited to join Justine’s Eclectic Corner, a select group of bloggers, writers, poets, photographers and errr…me (yes, go figure)

So each week, a challenge is laid down.

The first week’s challenge was “guessing game”, the idea was that other members of the group should seek to guess the subject matter of a photo in the style of a “wrinkle”.

Many of the guesses came very close.

As you can see. Below and to the left.


(statue, river side, mechelen)

Eclectic Corner #1

25 thoughts on “wrinkle eclectic (uncovered)

  1. Haha the comments you are getting from this is making me giggle. It is an ASS I knew it was an ass but was convinced wooden hehe. i think they are discussing my tea party actually and your birthday and how come they ended up after a tea birthday party naked? Looks at you!!

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