shooting people (eating)

“shame is a soul eating emotion”

― c.g. jung

an eyeful

an eyeful



and not


*my friend lucile from lucile de godoy | bridging lacunas has challenged me to join in the 5-day b&w photo challenge, where I must post a black and white photo each day for 5 days and nominate someone else to join the challenge, today i’d like to invite “Red Pants And a Mustache” from Exploring Coffee Shops in Stockholm, to join the challenge with us, and even if he doesn’t please go take a look anyway*

*steps, beurs van brussel, for b&w 5:5*


*shot with nikon d700, edited in aperture 3, silver efex pro 2 and analog efex pro 2, wet plate filter*

16 thoughts on “shooting people (eating)

  1. I was afraid of what I’d see when I read “eating” as it can be unattractive but it’s great (I should not have been concerned😄).
    Oh and you’ve been spotted again! 😄

  2. My patagonian android akways grasps your state of mind and connection with the image, and I seccond her.
    Keep asking myself though if you, like me, feel like a thrilled spy, photographying people in hidding.
    I’m loving the iconoclast series…

    • Thank you, and yes, the patagonian sees straight through me…

      And yes, I am getting more and more addicted, each time I am in a group of people, I find myself looking for what lies beneath or behind.

      And I think if safe to say there may be more in the series…

  3. NIce shot. I’m guessing it was around lunch time? 🙂
    I prefer like you done here and used your camera and not your phone, but I’ll admit that I liked the feel of the blurred phone photo that you posted recently.
    That’s what filters are for: to save phone photos.

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