6 thoughts on “shooting people (at the supermarket)

  1. Hi Andy…….I have travelled through time and space to reach this image…..as you may have noticed with my ‘likes’. ……and I have been aware from my notifications that you have evolved so far in your approach……such a huge richness of approaches and some fabulous processing….that I regret not having the time to comment sooner..

    Your work, both photography and writing, are so creatively exciting…

    This image, from its composition through to the filtering is a modern classic.

    If I don’t have time to comment on each……you should know that you have my respect as a fine photographer.


    • Hi John

      Thank you so much, that means a very great deal to me, especially as you were one of the first photographers with whom I first began to interact here on WordPress. I have been pn a long personal journey too, which has informed my approach both in terms of my writing (which is quiet new for me) and my photography. I have been exploring and I don’t think the journey is over yet. Thank you so much again, and you should also know how I much I admire and respect your work also


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