(the) walking (with the) dead

“let it kill you and let it devour your remains
for all things will kill you, both slowly and fastly, but it’s much better to be killed by a lover”

― charles bukowski


tears or fears

no one


the dead


(for lucile’s The Clinic – Photo Rehab)

(inspired by a post from morgane byloos photography, the abandoned crypt)

*shot with nikon d700, 16-35mm f4 lens, edited in aperture 3 and analogue efex pro 2, wet plate filter 9 adrenaline and fear applied*

46 thoughts on “(the) walking (with the) dead

  1. I love the rebellious sentiment. And I adore the photos. Also, I’m slightly spooked. More than slightly, actually. These are likely your best photos, in case you wonder. Material for a new book?

  2. thenerdycanuck says:

    Very cool! I feel a Dr Who reference coming on but not everyone watches the show and might not get the weeping angel reference. Beautiful photographs.

    • Thank you! I certainly get the reference, the weeping angels were the best ever, and also reminded me of an old childhood nightmare, as indeed did walking around in an old abandoned crypt alone…

      • thenerdycanuck says:

        Yay! I couldn’t resist it. The weeping are my favourite part of the entire show, I only wish they where in more episodes. Your photographs would make a great short story.

    • Thank you! There were a few scary moments when I didn’t want to turn my back on one or two of these, especially the life size states in the chapel…and being underground in an abandoned crypt was quite an experience….

  3. I find a certain peaceful calm walking around in a cemetery, but I have never been underground in an abandoned crypt. I could almost hear the dead cry in these photos, Andy. Stunningly beautiful.

  4. I love this gallery. It doesn’t look creepy nor scary but divinely beautiful. I agree with Mara. It is material for a new book. Well done, Andy. Your day out paid off. Sleep well. With angels.
    PS. I used to be scared of cemeteries and I’m not anymore. Actually I just wrote a draft post related to it.

    • Oh Lucile…thank you, I am very happy with this set of photos so I am delighted you like them. There were a few scary moments during the shoot but I am happy with how it turned out. Look forward to your post.

      Changing tack for a moment, death is the only thing we can really be sure of, and yet it is the biggest mystery. So much has been invested by so many in the hope that there is something beyond life. So many wars, so much suffering, so much put off, because there may be better later. And yet, what if all there is, is darkness. So, maybe we should be kinder to each other. Whilst we can?

    • Thank you Laura! It was a very moving shoot, and I was largely alone in the location, apart from a very few visitors (above ground, I was too alone down below) so yes it was fairly scary… I used a “wet plate” filter in analog effect pro 2, the effect is one that I like and in this case it did feel relevant almost as if I was living the veil on another realm, as you say…

  5. Lori Ono says:

    Love these photos. You have a great variety that keeps it interesting and not repetitive.

    Very curious, what is a wet plate filter?

    As far as cemeteries go, I’m generally not afraid of them. I think that after I die, I hope people will stroll through the cemetery and look at my headstone and wonder about my life. BUT, I’ve seen a few cemeteries that have become neglected in a way that makes them creepy. As if bad spirits force people away and encourage the neglect.

    • Thank you Lori. The wet plate filter is one of the filters in Analog Efex Pro 2, it’s designed to replicate the look of the very old cameras where the photographer would insert a plate in the back of the camera and take the shot with a blanket over his head and the camera.

      This cemetery is particularly unusual as it lies next to the “royal tombs’ yet much of it is disrepair, the underground section is like nothing I have ever seen…

  6. Lori Ono says:

    Thanks for the info. I looked at the programs. The website didn’t make it easy to find prices. $149 for a pack of 7? I’m fascinated by the effect.

    Do you still shoot film? I love old cameras. I like the old TLR, rangefinders and SLR. Pre-70’s.

    Do you use it in conjunction with Photoshop or LR?

  7. Impressive Andy, and the consistency of the processing brings a dusty unity of colour, texture and tone to this lovely collection. Methinks an exhibition ought to be on the cards, your work goes from strength to strength.

    • Thank you so much John, you and I have known each other here for a while now, back when belgradestreets was starting and as I have expanded into other areas. There is always so much to learn in this community, from you and others, and that is all part of the process of development. I really appreciate you taking the time to write and for you very kind words. After the exhibition in Belgrade, I thought that was my “15 minutes” but maybe I can find room for a few more minutes…

  8. this is such a powerful post, Andy… the images are very artistic, subtle and poignant… the words by Charles Bukowski you have chosen are very strong..!!! you keep exploring darker moods and it’s such a pleasure to follow you on this journey…

    • Thank you (again), the location was very moody and thought provoking, and had aspects about it of both darkness and light, the dark phase I am going through is very liberating in a photographic, and personal, sense…

      • it’s great you have found your creative outlet for emotional turmoil, Andy… this is exactly how and why I took to photography… crazy as it may sound, I have noticed crappy moods and their intensity really fuel inspiration… Stars can’t shine without darkness, I guess… and your ways of self-expression really shine… 🙂

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