street life (fractured)

“under an open window, a
violin yielded
itself to

― rainer maria rilke

they say our eyes are

the windows

to our


and so, what

do these windows, say

to you?

(for justine’s eclectic corner – street life, photography and writing)

(and for lucile’s the clinic – photo rehab)

*shot with nikon d700, 70-300mm lens, edited with aperture 3 and analog efex pro 2 with double exposure filter applied, through the window of conscience*

18 thoughts on “street life (fractured)

  1. Oh no I’m sad it means broken? So so sad and as always you got that note. Before I read the words I was enlarging the pics to see if I could spot a sneaky face or something in one of the windows as it wouldn’t surprise me I was half expecting to see a red coat or something I wonder why? Love the shattered window frame the most really clever and thank you for participating. Your a loyal buddy and I love seeing what you come up with hehe…always a surprise xxx

  2. Thanks for telling me about the double exposure filter. That sounds so much easier than using layers and transparency in CS4. Your photos look sort of like cubism art.

  3. Love this method of presenting your images and there’s a strong visual unity between each of them. I think they are all great but the first pleases me the most for its subtle secrets. You must shoot thousands of pictures!

    • Thank you John, just catching up with comments this cold grey Saturday morning, I do shoot a lot, I have almost 80,000 in my Aperture Library which has now been backed up and consigned to a separate hard drive. And I have now set up a new Lightroom 5 library…

      • Stunning spring day here, just when I’m feeling decidedly unwell.
        My terabyte hard rive is nearly full and have bought a 2 terabyte external drive for backup, but I shall have to be more decisive in deleting stuff… tedious!

        • Sorry to hear that you are not feeling well, hope that soon passes, the sun has suddenly exploded into life here…just been out shooting with my old Olympus OM10 and a roll of old B&W film…now need to find someone who can develop it for me…

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