“One fine day I’m gonna be the one
To make you understand”

– Spencer Davis Group

Keep on running

Keep on running

It’s not about me.

It’s about him.

The guy in the photo.

He’s doing.

What I should be doing.


My contribution to this week’s Weekly Photo Challenge from The Daily Post at WordPress.

66 thoughts on “achievement

  1. Lovely photo, Andy. Now as the ad says, “Just do it!” I walk, rather than jog, but walk quite fast and throw in some short jogging intervals as well. It’s getting more challenging now as it’s getting rather cold. 😉


  2. Oh wow I am so sorry Andy I got so carried away with commenting and I comment from my phone, not directly on the blog post so I had forgotten that we were still on your blog, lmao, so very sorry we shall get our sorry asses off here and behave now! lolol..come on Mara…kitty….come on…lets go…sheesh…blushes xxxx ❤

  3. Bonjour,
    De la part d’une ex-Bruxelloise. Est-ce au Bois de la Cambre ou à la Forêt de Soignes près de Bruxelles ?
    J’ai aussi habité Malines, une très belle ville 🙂
    En ce qui me concerne j’habite Bordeaux en France. Une belle photo. Quel courage : 🙂

    From an ex-Brussels. Is the Bois de la Cambre or Forêt de Soignes near Brussels?
    I also lived in Mechelen, a beautiful city 🙂
    In my case I live in Bordeaux France. Nice pic. What courage 🙂

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