photography101: (another) edge

Something about Christmas preparations sets my nerves on edge.

Trees ripped from the forest.

Forced jollity.


Poverty amid abundance.

So, with apologies for the downbeat tone.

An edgy angle on Christmas preparations in Grote Markt, Brussel.


32 thoughts on “photography101: (another) edge

  1. You know I was going to say something productive and flattering but then I got sidetracked by reading all the comments back and forth between you and my kitty and now I totally forgot what I was going to say and I didn’t even have a dram….

  2. Well, at least it’s 19 : 24 PM now and I can have a drink before dinner; as I need one after reading all the comments. Like ecclecticoddsnsods I totally forgot what I wanted to say about your photos. But enjoyed your chat with Mara. I’m thinking about inviting her to join the photo101 rehab – she belongs there with her recurring railways photos, which everyone loves but her. Mara?

  3. Thank you – now I can avoid getting to la Grande Place this year…. and to know that this particular tree was ripped from the forest in my darling Latvia… to promote what?! that LV will be presiding the EU council – with the hope that this will make people visiting Brussels know where Riga is….!! I am in the same kind of spirit… I love kind, calm, reflective Christmas, but that feeling is so rare to find with all the empty noise from stores, radios, TV… Well, I wish you and all your lovely readers to find the way around this all – to cherish what we still love about this special time of the year, S.

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