13 thoughts on “photography101: edge

  1. Mm, another of my favourite kind of shots 🙂 But, but, do you commute by car? If so, it doesn’t even count as a commute! A true commute is by awful public transport with all sorts of discomfort… 😉

    • Thank you and glad you like it….hope the traffic cops don’t monitor wordpress for traffic violations 😉

      But ahhh…now my guilty secret is exposed…each morning I sit in my car, breathing exhaust fumes, moving at the pace of an inebriated snail…but at least I get to listen to the radio and am alone…I have a few commuting stories to tell by bus, tram (dirty, old, smelly, uncomfortable, noisy but by far my favourite) and even plane….. 😉

  2. so now i get to see that the wing mirror is in fact not broken but i am guessing we are photographing whilst in the car, posting posts and twittering hrrrm?? grins…thankfully the car is stationery oh but for small blessings! x

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