wrinkle eclectic

wrinkle eclectic

wrinkle eclectic


Photo 101 on WordPress had consequences.

One, there are others, was being invited to join Justine’s Eclectic Corner, a select group of bloggers, writers, poets, photographers and errr…me (yes, go figure)

So each week, a challenge will be laid down.

This week’s challenge is “guessing game”, the idea is that other members of the group must guess the subject matter of a photo in the style of a “wrinkle”.

So, here, the submission from belgianstreets and a huge round of applause to Justine for setting this up.

To play the game, leave your thoughts on the subject matter in the comments section below. All revealed here on belgianstreets on Saturday, 13 December.

You know you want to.


Eclectic Corner #1

67 thoughts on “wrinkle eclectic

  1. hah brilliant and you did it alllll right and I you are the first entrant in to my InLinkz, I am no longer a virgin InLinkz person, so thank you for that, you WERE THE FIRST…lolol….now to get guessing..hrrrmmmm…great photo but my first instinct was to say tree bark but i know you are going to say that is wrong as that would be faaar to easy ;D

  2. anujakokrady says:

    I might be way off the mark here, But this looks like that gum thingy which comes out of old trees. This is a guess after reading all the other guesses… :p

  3. well i resorted to asking my 12 yr old what it was. Fascinatingly he saw little faces in the creased up bits, maybe another scary spooky moment, those faces are everywhere…ooooeeerrrrr!!! shivvers. Anyway so its wood covered in gold right and the curved bit is some kind of handle? I know the grand reveal is tomorrow so throwing in one more guess lol x

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