“maybe that’s why i’m partly yellow
it’s no excuse, though
it really isn’t
what you should be is not yellow at all”

– j d salinger, the catcher in the rye


frites with your cabbage?

(belgian frites, magdalenastwg, brussel)


*shot with iPhone 5, edited in Aperture 3, applied black and white filter then brushed colour back in to add a pop of yellow, cabbage smoke inspired*

25 thoughts on “frites

  1. Thanks, I’ll have my cabbage neat though. I love selective colour. Yellow is almost as powerful as red. It’s funny how the two poor men look one like another, so expressionless. I suppose I’d rather be cleaning houses than frying chips. Something about fast food scares me.

  2. Why do you see yellow so often? (Mind boggles) I would get a headache wearing a t shirt that colour and have to eat the fries to make myself feel better lol! Did you get dinner there or just go and shoot them? X

  3. I hate frites although the Dutch are the best btw… LLBS the Belgians would kill me for that; but it’s okay as I wouldn’t stand having to do this job. I’m joining Mara’s cleaning company…

  4. Thanks for reminding me to pick up Salinger and finally finish “Catcher..” in it’s original version (have only read it in Latvian). Great photo – you captured perfectly the expression that is so common for people selling fast food + gaufres as well… I always wonder why – you feed people – make them happy – smile a little… Except may be Flagey market where they are kind of a bit more happy (if that’s even possible in Belgium 😉 season’s greetings from Ixelles, S.

  5. S says:

    This kind of photography is fun. I too am experimenting with black and white with color pop… Heheh I used the same quote for an old prompt called yellow. Anything Salinger is always great. Great post!

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