20 thoughts on “choices

  1. I am dumb but I quite concur with Lucile that you have a choice. A generic “you” (well, a specific “you” too). Your moody rainy photo is beautiful; your entire series of these square views from the window is beautiful, but I’m repeating myself.

  2. so beautiful, Andy…
    I’d like to believe we always have a choice, though ima not so optimistic all the time… 🙂 but if we believe we have a choice, then this would mean there will be a change too… and hopefully for the better 🙂

  3. A daring choice, taking photos of very little and turning them into a philosophy of life…..not a little crazy…..but a daring photo and significant too, as photography.

    Experimental and minimalist is enlightening, but is it more mental than experi…….. Yes, but challenging the orthodoxy should be carved on our hearts.

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