shooting people (waiting for a bus)

“waiting for you to come along
waiting for you to hear my song”

– the doors, waiting for the sun

_20141214_001465 - Version 2

_20141214_001468 - Version 2

_20141214_001469 - Version 2

_20141214_001472 - Version 2

_20141214_001476 - Version 2

_20141214_001474 - Version 2

(man in black, bus stop, troon, brussel)


*shot with iPhone 5, processed with aperture 3, silver ex pro 2, full contrast and structure filter, my knees were again involved, and that man in black who was so waiting…*

19 thoughts on “shooting people (waiting for a bus)

  1. He’s a tiny bit awesome though, that man in black. Problem is, he thinks he’s way more awesome than he really is. LOL.
    I am amazed at how sharp these images are Andy. Awesome as usual. I like the last one with the blurred pedestrian too. And the one with the bus coming into frame on the right.

  2. Your sequence is better than a video because it allows us to see the narrative. I love how the location changes in character as the characters change their positions. As I commented earlier, it’s a lovely animated series.

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