bottled (up) again

“i went to the worst of bars hoping to get killed but all I could do was to get drunk again”

― charles bukowski





that time

they say

be happy


and then


(kerstmarkt, beurs, brussel)

(in response to Justine’s challenge to join her tea party)


*shot with nikon d700, edited with aperture 3 and color efex pro 4, bleach bypass filter, didn’t touch a drop*

44 thoughts on “bottled (up) again

  1. Haha I love the way you say you didn’t touch a drop. I can always rely on you to bring some alcoholic beverages or two or three and you are mighty clever at photographing them too! Thank you for coming along I tbink you just notched up the party.

    So tell me if you don’t touch a drop you just walk in a bar and take photos and leave? Me thinks not…at least some pork scratchings surely? 😀

  2. Love these as well. Very cool. I took some ina bar the other night, which made me think of you. I did partake though so the last ones may not be as sharp as my first ones ☺️

  3. Shooting like that is sooooo unnatural to me that I have to force myself into that type of scenario. You would have been proud of me yesterday, though — I did some street photography while escorting my two young nephews through the museums and public spaces of downtown DC. Not finished with the roll yet, but soon — then I’ll home process it!

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