shooting people (peeing)

“how relieved, how eased, the whole world suddenly became!
how the great questions all simplified themselves at the same instant—did you feel it?”

― aleksandr solzhenitsyn, the gulag archipelago 1918-1956

pouring it all out

pouring it all out

in brussel

amid the hustle and bustle

is this




*restaurant, near grote markt, brussel*


*shot with nikon d700, edited with aperture 3 and analog efex pro 2, sense of humour required*

30 thoughts on “shooting people (peeing)

  1. When my dog was a puppy and I was housebreaking him, I used the phrase “Get, Busy”, which to even to this day can invoke a release of one kind or another from him. Question: Why is it every time I use the toilet my dog sits next to me and waits? Do you think he is trying to train me? ;\ Loving the shot brings, back memories when I visited Brussels.

  2. Oh Belgium. You gotta love a country known for peeing. Nice shot. I do take pics of lil’ pupper peeing sometimes. I even have a post about it. Very low brow. Yours though, more highbrow😄

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