“it is not enough that we do our best
sometimes we must do what is required”

― winston s churchill


decide, act

and don’t stop

whatever lies in your path

seize the day

live and


(snowstorm, autobahn, germany)


justine’s eclectic corner #3 resolution

*shot with iPhone 5, edited with snapseed mobile app, snow and driving involved, do not try this at home, inspired by mara eastern*

18 thoughts on “resolution

  1. Goodness me that is very dangerous the snow looks horrendous like it is coming down in sheets. What are you doing on the autobahn in such horrible weather? And yes you are entirely right…grab life with both hands and feet if you can and go for it lol xxx huggles x ps thank you for joining me with this and i look forward to the second and or third or more installments xx

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