smoke in the morning

“what is your advice to young writers?
drink, fuck and smoke plenty of cigarettes”

― charles bukowski, hot water music

fire truck

fire truck

is there
a better way
to wake
than to the smell of smoke
and see
through opaque

(apartment building fire, elsene, brussel)

*shot with iphone 5, edited with photoshop cc, analog ex pro 2, smoke in my eyes*

33 thoughts on “smoke in the morning

  1. now that kind of confuses my mind, I am not sure how to respond to this quote, it befuddles me. I can think of wonderful ways to wake up and that wouldn’t be one of them, but the photo signifies a lot and could be a great photo prompt for a story so I might nick it off you one day…grins x

  2. Eek! Glad you’re okay! On New Year’s day 1996 a rental house that my parents owned burned. The tenants weren’t home at the time. When my father got in touch with one of the tenants, he informed her that their cat was saved and was being looked after by one of the firefighters. She was somewhat relieved by that news, but was freaking out about her fish, so climbed through the rubble, found the (incredibly heavy) fish tank, and dragged it home with me. Even the water (and all the other stuff in the tank) reeked of smoke. I can’t imagine getting that smell out of an entire apartment building. 😦

  3. The fire must have been a scary start to the new year, but maybe it will make you resilient… That was mean. I love the opening advice quote, which is obviously suitable not only for young writers but for everyone. Now I’m so sorry I quit smoking. I must make up with the other two activities!

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