view (from)

“there are a dozen views about everything until you know the answer, then there’s never more than one”

― c. s. lewis, that hideous strength

(new) rooftops

(new) rooftops

gritty, urban


scudding clouds




(rooftop, birminghamstraat, molenbeek)

(for lucile’s photo101rehab)

*shot with iphone5, edited with aperture 3, analog efex pro, wet plate filter, new horizons*

28 thoughts on “view (from)

    • Thank you Jane, the original image was lack lustre in terms of colour and tone, I love what you can do with Analog Efex Pro. And thanks for liking my words, I’ve been trying to write more recently so it’s great that you like it.

  1. very thought-provocative post again, Andy… and I love the point of view of the shot, soaring up high there.. sometimes we need to get the whole picture and not just stare at details… or we may never know the answers…

      • My pleasure, enjoy! I’m having a problem a the moment because I accepted an upgrade and now each time I load it tells me that I need to purchase the software within 15 days. I did purchase it, in full, some time ago, and this isn’t the first time this has happened…so need to figure out why this time.

        Look forward to seeing what you do with it!

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