“a lot of suffering over little things beyond what you think”

― gabriel garcí­a márquez, one hundred years of solitude


in the


of adversity

life is, for



(for lucile’s the clinic – photo rehab)

*video shot on iphone5, edited in iMovie, heart in mouth*

10 thoughts on “domesticity

  1. Hmmmm. Very confused. I thought it was just an exploration of the first house, then thought we were going to be driven around in a car, then…

    Wait! What’s that… a porta-john? Dear lord, we’re not going in *that* are we? Nononononononono, whew! Wait… what? Someone else’s house?

    Maybe the laundry was being done in the first location and the residence is in the second location? And pleeeease don’t tell me that the porta-john is the shared loo for the neighborhood…

    The old-timey film look treatment was well done!

    • Hey Mitch, glad you enjoyed my excursion into the dark side. It’s a long story. Maybe sometime soon I will tell it all… But for now, it’s a temporary situation. The laundry is in a separate building from the “residence”. the portaloo belongs to the builders next door…and the car is mine 😉

  2. yeah, I know the feeling, there are times I think I have just come out of a cycle of domestic chores only to enter into another… for a second I though you would get on the car and just drive away, away… 🙂

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