splashed red

“every person has their own colour”

― haruki murakami, colorless tsukuru tazaki and his years of pilgrimage

splashed red in the park

no more the childlike cries of joy

still red, in the dark?

(marie-josépark, molenbeek)

(for justine’s eclectic corner #8, and as instructed, no filters applied)

17 thoughts on “splashed red

    • Yes and thank you Amy.

      Justine certainly turned up the pressure dial! These were photos I took this weekend on a long walk, this park is very sad and almost derelict…

  1. Glad to see a pop of colour Andy 😀

    This has a sense still of darkness and sadness to it even with the colour or is it my imagination? 🙂

    A quick response to the challenge, most impressed and Amy’s comment made me laugh x

  2. No filter !! I liketh 😉
    People think i am weird because who goes on a everyday walk with a camera 😉 But ……’eureka’ …here is another 😛

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