photography101: weekend two:3 (playing with light)

My last post for the weekend…I think…

I’ve had another try at time-lapse, read a lot about how to do it, and sadly have failed to apply most of what I have read – I need to work on reflections, choppy sequences, shutter speed and a zillion other things

But hey, Photo101 is about learning?

So, time for a Belgian beer to close down the evening and prepare for another week at work 😉

Sunday evening…

NaBloPoMo 16 of 30 – photography101:weekend two


photography101: weekend two (play with light)

This is my response to the weekend “homework” on the WordPress Photo 101 course.

Today’s theme is “playing with light”.

I am thrilled by this challenge because for a while now I have snapped the sky through the window of my apartment and tweeted it…

So, with a few extra snaps from today, I have played with light to show you the sky over Elsene in the heart of Brussel.

Follow me on twitter @andytownend if you’d like to see the light keep changing 😉

Oh, and as a ps, if you hit refresh in your browser the image in the main circle will change…

NaBloPoMo 15 of 30 – photography101:weekend two