photography101: warmth (a hint of)


I woke early this morning to see today’s #photo101 challenge was “warmth”.

Driving north along the motorway, with the fields covered in a blanket of mist, I wondered how to respond. And at the same wished the theme had been “misty”…or “cold”…

In the same meeting room all day, I lacked inspiration (for the theme anyway).

Taking a short walk at lunchtime, I was left cold by the sunlight and autumnal colours, they seemed too cliched, a little too obvious.

Then, back in the meeting room, I noticed the sun shining through the window and reflecting off the hot air radiators lining the walls.

So, I may be stretching a point, but here is my slice of “warmth” from an office complex just outside Amsterdam.

NaBloPoMo 13 of 30 – photography101.9

16 thoughts on “photography101: warmth (a hint of)

  1. Haha, I’m loving this something fierce! I was actually toying with the idea of snapping my feet surrounding by my three heaters, but then I thought nobody wanted to see me keeping my feet warm 😉

  2. This is fab. I took a minimalist photo of my radiator too and really whitened the whole image out… but I like that yours has a yellow tone to it. I didn’t use it in the end but it’s funny we were thinking along the same lines!

  3. Anna says:

    First of all it’s a really nice abstract/minimalist shot! And it is a radiator so it is about warmth! I thought of shooting a warm cardigan and a beanie…but didn’t shoot it in the end!

  4. Andy, my name sake 😀 I absolutely love the way you interpret the assignments ❤ I am taking a cue from here to click 'warmth' 😉 I am already late in submitting my assignments this week :/
    Happy clicking, friend !

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