the (un) natural world of doel

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My response to today’s theme on #photo101 was a spider’s web captured in a window frame in the abandoned polder village of Doel.

The main target for my camera yesterday was the graffiti which covers almost every vertical surface in Doel.

So as an extra #photo101 contribution this evening, here is a short slide show featuring the (un) natural world of Doel…

And for those having trouble seeing the slideshow on mobile devices here are the images…


atownend_20141111_006141 - Version 2


atownend_20141111_006139 - Version 2

atownend_20141111_006122 - Version 2

atownend_20141111_006116 - Version 2

atownend_20141111_006115 - Version 2

atownend_20141111_006111 - Version 3

16 thoughts on “the (un) natural world of doel

  1. Heck, now I want to go to Doel so much! I love abandoned places in so much that I’m considering visiting Chernobyl, except this trip obviously takes some maneuvering with the authorities and lots of funds. So maybe later.

  2. if there’s one thing i miss about HK, because I don’t see a lot of it here in Bangkok, is street graffiti. If I was an artist, and not a writer, I would be a Banksy here. And probably get hauled in by the junta…

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