14 thoughts on “photography101: mo(ve)ment

  1. Fantastic! I have a similar project on how to “create” movement on canvas by bluring the boundaries between form/object and environment and using multiple sources of light to suggest movement. Your photo is a excellent example of exactly that. Permission to try to transcribe it on canvas if you allow. And a minor comment, If i may, how do you think those red and white poles/lines work on the picture? It looks like they create a very symmetric code that “freezes” the environment. Cheers.

    • Wow. Thank you! I would be thrilled if you tried to transcribe this to canvas, that sounds like a fascinating project and I would love to see the results! This was the photographic equivalent of “shooting from the hip”. I saw the colours and shapes, I lifted my phone and shot at the same time. I liked the result and glad you do also. The red and green poles were what caught my eye at first I think and although it was not a deliberate device, I agree with your comment. And thank you again!

  2. wow did you make that blurry on purpose? You see I would only get that by mistake, I would have no idea how to do shutter and whatever speed, totally baffles me I need someone here in person to show me my camera. Having said that my phone is taking better shots at the mo hehe. Fantastic movement shot!

  3. The lines in this photo reminded me of something I couldn’t quite put my finger on. After reading the comments and going back to look at it again, it occurred to me … this reminds me of strips of DNA code with coloured bars. It was Geo’s comment about how the coloured bars create a very symmetric code. Love this!

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