architecture and morality

“Sealand forgets her friends
She’ll not leave them again
Mother, sister and home
These arms fail you so”

Sealand – OMD – “Architecture and Morality” – 1981




This place has quite a history.


17 thoughts on “architecture and morality

  1. A reciprocal visit! These shots work really well in monochrome, they bring out the starkness of the stories behind the bricks and in the graffiti. The angle of the last shot is satisfyingly unsettling!

    • Thank you, I have become addicted to this place and then I remembered the old OMD song which went off like a bomb in my head, Doel is (was) a polder town behind a seawall near Antwerp, the last few residents are fighting a battle with the port and government to save the town, a powerful story and this post just clicked for me, pictures and music just all came together, after all the time I spent in Beograd I was shocked to find this here…

      • Exactly my thoughts, I wouldn’t expect this in Belgium, sights like these are usually reserved for the poorer parts of Europe, especially post-communist countries, I’d hazard to say. There’s some rugged beauty in it though.

        • Yes, it is unexpected and its location is weird, behind a huge sea wall and surrounded by the container port and a nuclear power station, and a handful of people raising a collective finger to the forces of commerce and government, its hard not to be moved by it, I am glad you liked it…

  2. I liked it too : -) …and still rate Architecture and Morality as one of my favourite albums, too. I’m mostly a blue-skies-and-sunshine kind of guy, but am strangely drawn to the melancholy of deserted buildings, washed up on the shores of time. Thank you for sharing.

  3. Fantastic photos. Those windows in the second shot are such a good find, and you’ve captured them so each individual pane looks like a little work of art… I love the reflection in the broken window in particular, and how the shattered glass breaks up the electric cables… stunning.

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